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My name is Dirk de Wit and I grew up in small town called Schijndel, near my birth city 's-Hertogenbosch, in the Netherlands. In 2011, I earned my ICT Bachelor degree at Avans University of Applied Sciences, also in 's-Hertogenbosch. Right after I graduated, I enrolled as a pre-master student at the University Technology Eindhoven, majoring in Human Technology Interaction. As part of my Master's program I studied abroad at the School of Information at University of California Berkeley under the Master of Information Management Systems program (MIMS). Currently, I am finishing up my Master's thesis and expecting to graduate in 2014.

I was interested in technology ever since I was 12 years old when I first discovered amazing websites on the Internet. I started 'building' my own homepages, and later developed websites such as a Harry Potter fansite which had thousands of hits a day. As I developed more and more skills, a whole world of possibilities opened for me. Back then, I already asked myself questions such as "Why are software products built the way they are?", "How does the user understand these products?" and "How could the usability of this product be improved?". My journey to find these answers was a combination of critical thinking earned from my Master's degree along with my study abroad experience and software development, process design, and project planning gained from my Bachelor's degree in ICT.

My personal goal is to make technology accessible, useful, and valuable for the end-user. I want to improve as many people's quality of life as possible through technological leverage. Not only do I believe that technology should be practical, it should also be fun and exciting. With this goal in mind, I aspire to return to Bay Area, California where I was inspired and challenged. For me, Bay Area represented the American Dream where people persist through any adversity for a better technological future.